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Top 10 Snacks

Snack Attack: 10 Healthy Snack Options

We all know what we should be eating but sometimes we get stuck or bored. And sometimes life gets in the way and we're rushing out the door forgetting everything. Are you stuck for snack ideas? Here's some to get…
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HIIT timer

One HIIT Wonder

Check out this HIIT workout that will push you to the edge of your limits and boost your fitness levels sky high. Firstly, what is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's basically you working really hard for…
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Sleep Deprivation

6 Ways to Fight Off Sleep Deprivation

Time and time again we are hearing online or from some other media outlet about the importance of sleep and the negative impacts of sleep deprivation (like my own experiment). The latest I've heard was just yesterday morning on the…
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Eating on Holidays

Eating While On Holidays

Is it actually possible to eat well on holidays? First let me define what I mean by 'well': No shite!! I've recently come back from a trip abroad and I can honesty say that the trip was great but I…
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Top 10 Smoothies

My Top 10 Smoothie Recipes

I love love LOVE Smoothies! So handy, so versatile and quick to whip up when your in a hurry. Most of these require very little preparation, just throw it all into the blender and blitz! Here are my top 10…
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