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What to do when you're ill

What to Do When You’re Ill?

It's that time of year again where everyone and their mother is ill from colds, flus and bugs. But is there anything that can be done to defend yourself or is it inevitable? And if you do get sick then…
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Xmas Fruit Cake

Christmas Recipe *Special*

Christmas is soon approaching so I thought I'd try out this alternative flour Fruit Cake. It uses ground almonds instead of plain flour so it's gluten free (minus the alcohol). There's no added sugar but believe me it is really…
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Happy HIIT-mas

Today I have a Festive HIIT session for you! What makes it festive?? Well you have to do it wearing a Christmas jumper or hat! :) Enjoy! As always don't forget to warm up, drink plenty of water, cool down…
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Staying on track Xmas

Staying on Track this Xmas

It's officially December so I'm allowed to talk about Christmas! This can be the most wonderful time of the year for people but it can also be really really stressful, miserable and lonely. I really feel for people who try…
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Gut Health pic

Gut Health: Is Food Making You Sick?

Do you ever think about your gut health or how it plays a part in your overall health/mood/feeling? In today’s society it’s our lifestyles, nutrition and environment that hold us back and put negative strain on our body’s. The digestive…
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